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I’m Maggie and I’d love to help you find your Ancestors.

  • Don’t have time to research your family history?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Have a long-lost relative you haven’t seen for years?
  • Is there a family mystery you’d like to solve?
  • Need to know the cause of death for an ancestor?

Let me research online for you. I have the knowledge, experience, and tools to extend your family tree. I’ve been researching for over 20 years.

Maggie Hill

My maternal ancestors came from Germany in the 1800s through a town called Indianola along the Texas coast. A hurricane in 1886 destroyed Indianola and it was not rebuilt, having been through a previous hurricane a few years before.

Family photo

My husband’s family came to America in the 1600s and they moved west every chance they got. They arrived in the American West about the same time my maternal ancestors were arriving in Texas.

Homer Hill home

Let’s see what we can find out about your family.

All information will remain confidential and I will send you everything that I find. I am only able to research within the United States at this time.